Microsoft Band

Visual Design | 25 December 2014

While working at Tectonic I had the opportunity to work on the Microsoft Band. My role was to create concepts around user biometric data, visual treatments for "glance mode" and explore wallpaper styles + colors.


Wallpaper + Me Tile Lockups
A small selection of the wallpaper and clock variations I generated. Showing options of photography, graphic patterns, and unique clock expressions.


Glance Mode
In “Glance Mode” notifications are shown on the screen using the tile colors as abstract representations of how many notifications you have. When receiving a notification, its color bar would change in size, with a subtle animation on the screen. During all these explorations variations on the strip colors and clock lockups were used to suggest a level of personalization


Explored varying lockups showing heart BPM, pedometer count, and lap/running time. Client was looking for explorations on ways to show the biometric data, to access the data the user would swipe downward on the screen to get a quick overview of their stats.