GRCD Identity

branding Identity Photo Design | 3 April 2014

Each year the Graphic Design graduating class designs their major's exhibit identity for the DAAPWorks Show. Inside the Graphic major there are three tracks or concentrations of students. This submission considers the 3 tracks as separate, but related, entities. Our concept is that of an uncut gem. Through our five years of DAAP we have been put under great pressures, forming a cohesive yet multifaceted group with unique skills and specializations. Upon graduation we are not yet refined but are ready to be formed further by our own career paths. In Collaboration: Allyx Capek, Hannah Lee, with Stephanie Szarwark, and Jessa Strayer

Graphic Communication Design Class of 2014 (GRCD 2014)



Sublogos and Typography

For each concentration, consisting of Print, Interaction, and Motion, a single color gem would be used in each of the three display rooms. The colors serve as the main identifier for each concentration, and the +3 color gem acts as the overarching identity for the GRCD Class as a whole.


Photography Style

Utilizes diagonal cuts alluding to facets in a gem. Varying cuts would be used for each concentration, with their concentration colors being consistent regardless of cut.


Promotional Posters

Would be hung around campus to promote interest and entice students from different colleges to come to the show.


Poster Identity Band

These would appear at the bottom of individuals capstone posters. They serve to identify each student, with photo, contact information and project title.